2022 White Shark Season – Cancelled

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It is a sad day for everyone at Cantamar Group. In spite of our best efforts, and after a strong investment in getting the best legal team, we could not appeal the unilateral government decision for the closure of the 2022 season of White Sharks at Guadalupe Island.

In our 39 years of operation as a diving company, we never found out this shocking development, just a few months of beginning the season, on a shutdown on activities on a natural protected area, and we are very concerned for the White Sharks, as it has been proved that the diving and liveaboard activities in areas like Guadalupe Island help the conservation of the species, as almost-permanent surveillance onboard the boats is done as we visit the area, together with scientists, shark experts and in some case, authorities themselves.

Please, bear with us, as we need to meet with the authorities to gather information for the 2023 season and beyond. All your deposits for the 2022 season can be applied in future trips or at scuba+hotel packages in La Paz’s very own Club Cantamar.

This decision could affect every operator of the White Shark trips at Guadalupe Island.

Thank you, and we expect the best for our Sharks.

Fernando Aguilar-Bazúa
COO, Cantamar Liveaboards

La Paz, August 08, 2022.