Guadalupe Island has been shut down.

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To our Travelers, Dive Agencies, Dive Groups and Friends and Media:

The Government of Mexico, thru the National Commission for Protected Natural Areas (CONANP) has indefinitely closed the Guadalupe Island White Shark Biosphere Reserve, the only site in Mexico who sustains a White Shark population to all touristic activities.

This is a unilateral action from the Government of Mexico to the touristic industry.

This is a huge blow not only to the liveaboard industry, but to the touristic industry of the state of Baja California, whose hotels, restaurants, transportation companies, souvenir makers and dealers, and to the dozens of White Shark researchers who collaborated with us thru this incredible times where mankind and sharks shared this adventure, in an effort of conservation, education and discovery of the species. This, in the middle of worldwide economic uncertainty, and with the need for Mexico of more jobs and financial flow.

White Shark (Carcharodon Carcharias) is considered vulnerable. We understand regulating tourism is one of the strategies to assure the feasibility of the species in the long term, and that`s why Cantamar, with top scientists and researchers, along with other touristic operators has helped create and improve the management programs for cage diving, so the impact on the species was minimum or not existent, and the conservation of Guadalupe Island’s reserve was guarded with the help of our boats by carrying park rangers, researchers and CONANP’s own staff.

Both our very own M/Y Cassiopeia and Southern Sport boats were leaders in procedures, devices and shark conservation ever since we started the White Shark diving in Guadalupe Island, respecting the species, its environment and looking for ways to help White Shark conservation.

Because of that, the White Shark population in Guadalupe Island was protected from poachers and from industrial pollution.

If you have a reservation for future White Shark trips with us, please bear until we sort out the actions to follow. You can change your itinerary to future Socorro Island trips, or to new, exciting adventures in the Sea of Cortez onboard our fleet.

Fernando Aguilar-Bazúa,
Chief Operating Officer,
Cantamar Liveaboards